Kids and Christmas

Kids and Christmas go together like cake and icing. I had to make a trip the other day to get a copy of my birth certificate. You know. The first one was written on papyrus and has since crumbled to dust.

The room was mostly empty when I arrived, with only a couple of ladies and a very young boy sitting to the left of the entrance. Since I never go anywhere without a book in tow, I chose the right side of the entrance and laid my book face down, open at the page I was reading.

I filled out the required information and took it to the desk where the nice state employee lady told me there could be a 15-minute waiting period. As I turned to head back to my seat and my book, I was cut off at the pass by the aforementioned little tyke, who walked boldly to the seat where my book lay all unsuspectingly, snapped it shut, and sat down beside me.

He was working on a sucker like he was getting paid by the second to make it disappear, and looked expectantly up into my face. He had to be all of four years old — barely. Well, he was such a bold little creature that I forgot all about the book and proceeded to make conversation.

“Is Santa coming to see you this year?” I asked.

A moment’s thought and a solemn nod of the head. His mouth was busy slurping.

“Have you been a good boy?”

Another moment’s thought and a nod. My questions were nothing if not scintillating. After all, I used to do this for a living. Okay. Hey. So I’m out of practice. My impromptu interview turned more into an interrogation than a simple question and answer. And this little guy was good. I didn’t even get name, rank, or serial number.

What do you want for Christmas?

A shrug. Then a wide grin with the diminishing sucker clamped between his teeth like a T-Rex with a slow Neanderthal. That sucker wasn’t going nowhere. He would have let his teeth be pulled out before relinquishing that treat.

I looked up to find I had an audience. The government lady was watching in wide-eyed wonder and so were the mother and other lady relative. I just grinned and went on with the torturous process. I had not thought of water boarding yet. It was a very cold day.

So I played the guessing game:

Do you like Spiderman? Negative.

Superman? Negative.

The Hulk? A nod.

Do you have a name? — Crazy question but whatta kids know? They take you literally. — A nod. I could see I wasn’t going to get anything out of this man of steel.

Is your name Mike? Negative.

Steve? Negative.


The mother caved. “His name is Christopher Rider,” she said.

I was impressed. “That’s a great name,” I said. He beamed and smiled around the sucker.

“That’s a great name for a President of the United States. Would you like to be President some day? — An enthusiastic nod.

So folks. Remember the name Christopher Rider from Alabama about 30+ years from now. Once he gets the bit in his teeth he’s not going to let go. And God help the journalist who tries to catch him napping!

Merry Christmas, Christopher. Christmas is in your name. Make us proud.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Kids and Christmas

  1. How cute. The way this started,I thought he was going to quiz YOU about the book. LOL

    Did you receive the two emails I sent you last week? Less than a month until American Idol will be back. The Voice ended last week and I honestly wanted ALL of the final four to win. I’ve never seen a singing competition show with such amazing singers as were on that show this season.

    Happy holidays to you, Mike and Dickens. I hope you have a year of good health, fun times, and all the other good things life has to bestow.

    • Jo Ann,
      So good to hear from you again. Yes, I received the emails and the gift. Can’t wait to read it. I showed it to Katie yesterday and she wants to read it too. Thank you so much.

      I haven’t been blogging much lately. I mentioned in one blog that I had some problems keeping me tied down. Well, my daughter Michelle almost lost her right arm. Nerve endings or something died. She has had four operations and we have been taking care of her and Montana and getting Montana off to school every morning. Now I’m down with a severe sinus infection and only half my Christmas gifts wrapped, plus Michelle’s.

      So you see, I don’t have much mind left for blogging. But the incident with the little boy just cried out to be told. Did you see the blog with the Christmas music? The a cappella groups? They are awesome. Don’t know if they have come across your radar yet or not. They are called “Home Free” and “Pentatonix”. I may have the names spelled wrong. I’m not looking at them at the moment. Who won The Voice and what music genre?

      By the way, I found my first book about the midwives. You remember I was reading it and then misplaced it. Would you believe it was placed neatly among the children’s books I had bought and saved for grandchildren. How that happened I’ll never know. Probably tidying up while my brain was on vacation.

      Super Merry Christmas to you and Frank Sorry I haven’t had time or brain to send anything this year. Oh, and LOVED the Christmas card with the kitty cat and his colorful wrap. It was our first card this year.

      Bye now. Didn’t mean to write a book and my coffee’s getting cold. Have one with me why don’t you? — Your friend, Linda


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