Christmas 2014 from Those Kooky Alabama Smiths


Dear Folks,

For those of you friends and neighbors who are gluttons for punishment, here is our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2014 in review. The difference between Eve and Day is an extra granddaughter — Kayla — who couldn’t be with us for the Big Event. Believe it or not, pictures are popular on this site. Who knew?


Our cat, Dickens, helped with the wrapping. Did a good job, didn’t he? And little Montana wrapped her own gifts this year. I always forget. She’s thirteen now. Not so little anymore. Sigh.



Daughter Michelle came close to losing her arm recently and had four operations and a skin graft. It looks very good now compared to a month ago. Now, much improved, she is ready for Christmas Eve. For my fashion conscious readers, Michelle’s haute couture includes striped plastic sunglasses from Val-Mart (sounds better with a Cherman accent), PJ shorts from Tammy’s Hand-Me-Downs Boutique (can’t wear anything heavy over the place where they took the material for the skin graft), her signature Roll-Tide Alabama ball team sweatshirt, her Home-Health-Arama arm bandage, accessorizing with a cocky grin and stance (extra, of course). That’s Michelle.


Michelle and her low maintenance dog.


Our good friend, Natalie; sister Katie, and daughter Michelle.


Sister Gaynell, who dearly loves Christmas. She and Michelle share that in common.


Sister Katie and Brother Paul. Nothing like emphasizing your point with a fork.

In the next sequence of events we can follow Katie’s progress to the bathroom. This was accidental, as we were taking a series of shots of Henry and Tammy. When we finally got the pictures uploaded, this is what we found. On the last picture, we don’t know what the peeping out was all about, but it was good entertainment. By the way. Katie’s a good sport. She approved these pictures.






Son Henry. He and Tammy love decorating for Christmas. Frosty loves it too.


Our RV Christmas tree. I wrangled Wal-Mart into selling me their display, decorated and everything. Don’tcha just love it.

Uncle Reedy and his niece Kayla

Son Henry and granddaughter Kayla, who is about six-foot-two, a whole foot taller than her grandmother — me. What is it with these tall girls these days? And she’s not vision-impaired. Would you believe kids who don’t need glasses are wearing them for style? Being cool has come a long way from my day when “guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”, and being called “four-eyes”.

Montana and her Aunt Tammy and Uncle "Reedy" Smith
Group hug with Montana, Henry, and Tammy — a niece, aunt, and uncle grouping.

Henry and Tammy enjoying Christmas Eve and each other. Only Kayla dressed up. The rest of us did a come-as-you-are.


Wha-a-a-a?! Don’t know what this was all about, but love the facial expression. Maybe she’s doing an impression of a Minion. Which reminds me. We should have gotten our friend Harriet in South Carolina a Minion tee. By the way, Harriet. I already have two. Your turn.DSCN3879

Mother and child. That’s Christmas.
Mike Smith. Father Christmas and Granddaddy Santa Claus.

Kayla loves Ninja Turtles, a gift from her Aunt Tammy and Uncle Henry. Like me, Kayla loves all kinds of cute fun stuff. I have a little bitty toy Minion, and I love Happy Meal crap — I mean toys. I was so jealous of my grandkids when they were growing up. I don’t feel bad taking their toys away from them now. Only thing is, they’re bigger than me. Sigh.


Okay. Suspense over. It’s a bed in a basket. I mean one of those bed ensemble things. A bed in a box. A bed in a plastic container. Okay. They call these things something. What is it? My half-heimers is kicking in.
Anyway. She’s happy. That’s what counts.



In an envelope of pleasant surprises, the faces of our granddaughters, Montana and Kayla. And if you’ll look real close, there’s my eyeballs peeking out of your right hand corner.


 Montana can’t wait for daddy (Dickie) to open his gift from her.




PICTURES WITHOUT COMMENTARY, or PWC for those of you love the shortened version of everything. Right now I can’t think of a witty acronym. The only thing that comes to mind is Doctors Without Borders which has nothing whatsoever to do with what I’m doing. Actually, I think I’ll call it THE MANY FACES OF CHRISTMAS. Still no acronym, but that’s okay. Let the wits come up with those.


The doggy face of Christmas. This is Buddy. He believes in Santa, too, even though he is old and arthritic. Santa brought him a great big stocking and loves his toys. But if we want to watch a movie, and be able to hear it, Michelle has to take his new Squeaky away.


The contemplative face of Christmas. Below, the ecstatic face of Christmas.




























Our good friend, the beautiful Natalie. She’s talented at everything, and so much fun to be around. She played our little elf, Santa’s helper, in doling out gifts. She made our Christmas brighter.































I said “no commentary”, but I lied. I have a fuzzy picture of Montana’s face when she got tired of Granddaddy’s slow version of gift unwrapping. Oh, how I wish it had turned out.



The next picture is Montana’s commentary on a Green Apple Jelly Belly.

The face of green apple Jelly Bellys

And on that sour note, we will sign off of our Alabama Smith Christmas Special. Hope you enjoyed it.



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