Family Album: A Birthday, A Homecoming, and Football Glory


Dear Folks,

Welcome to the birthday bash and the homecoming. It was Mike’s birthday, and Corey Isbell, my nephew, sister Katie’s son, is home for a visit. A good time was had by all, as they used to say in the good ole days.


“Birthday, shmirthday,” says Dickens. “I’ve got a warm lap and I’m not movin’ for nobody. You’ll have to work around me.” So we did. Check out the little dickens in the next picture.


 “idn’t it kinda crowded in here?”


Corey’s Homecoming

Everybody loves Corey. His smile is infectious, he’s got a great sense of humor, and he loves his family — aunts, uncles, cousins, the whole crazy clan. And we love him.


The family hunks — first cousins Henry Smith and Corey Isbell


Kith n’ cousins — first cousins Corey and Michelle.


Corey’s mother, Katie, my sister.


Corey and Montana are first cousins once removed. This means they were born a generation apart on the family tree. Just because Montana’s mother, Michelle, is Corey’s first cousin, doesn’t mean Montana is his second cousin. It gets complicated.


Okay. Back to first cousins.


Corey and Corey’s cousin-in-law, Tammy, next to Henry. Henry is Corey’s first cousin and he is Tammy’s husband. I just thought I’d toss all that in there just to confuse you further. Gosh! I’m so mean! 


Corey, stepfather Randy, and mother Katie. (KISS) Keep it simple, stupid. That’s you, Reader, talkin’ to me.


Henry and uncle (in-law), Randy.


Corey, showing his cousin Michelle how to work the phone camera — I think. Who knows.


Tammy signing Dad’s birthday card. She always picks just the right card, and writes just the right words in it. She also has a beautiful handwriting. That’s a lost art, huh?



Ahhhh. Technology.  Phone and phootball. Ya can’t beat it. I can hear it now. “How ’bout a little coverage here, Verizon. Can’t you see I’m on the phone?” Yeah. Technology. It’s here to stay.


Me and football. Henry wanted to see if I could still throw a mean spiral. You be the judge. The ball is in the very top right hand corner of the next picture.


More football.


Corey and Henry both played football in high school and excelled.





Uncle Henry teaches Montana how to kick. Apparently, he’s already taught her how to spit.





YAYYYY! Field goal!


The dog, Marley, walks Tammy as she tries to watch the football game.

More family album


Kayla and Corey. Since Kayla and Montana are sisters, that mean’s that Kayla and Corey are also first cousins once removed.



Okay. Pizza is served. And Montana didn’t wait for the mamarazzi to go away. It was lunch and supper combined. Shlupper. Now we have two first cousins and two first cousins once removed in the same photo. Aren’t you thrilled? If you’re into genealogy you would be.


Pizza and dueling photography and too much light. But we’re having fun.


You now know everybody else except the little blonde on the right. She’s Corey’s step-sister, Stacy, though she’s not wicked. She’s actually rather sweet. She just popped in for a few minutes.

And that’s the family tree in a nutshell. Literally.

Now I’ll leave you with this hilarious old song about complicated family trees. It’s called “I’m My Own Grandpa”.


3 thoughts on “Family Album: A Birthday, A Homecoming, and Football Glory

  1. Happy Birthday to Mike!!

    I cracked up reading who all those people are. I have step-brothers/sisters, step-aunts/uncles, step- cousins and half-brothers/sisters, half-aunts/uncles, half-cousins. Frank doesn’t even try to understand it all. He just says, “As long as YOU know who your relatives are!”

    Here in the Northeast and in my family in Ohio, we never used the once-removed, twice-removed, etc. designation. It was always first cousins, second cousins (the next generation’s relationship to a first cousin) and third cousins (the next generation’s relationship to each other.) It may not have been as precise and your way, but it’s sure a LOT easier.

    Love the song. It’s been around a long, long time. I remember it from my childhood.

    Are you watching Idol yet? They finally listened to the viewers and stopped showing silly, stupid people only looking to get on TV. Everyone who audiioned so far can actually sing…and well. And Harry, Jennifer and Keith continue to be hilarious together. I have a feeling this season is going to be good and they’ve only had auditions in Nashville and Kansas City. Some great singers are on board already.

    • Yes. We have quite a clan. And we had a ball that day. I’ll tell Mike you send your regards.
      Yep. It would be easier to just say first, second, and third cousins, but once you get into the minutiae of genealogy, you have to be specific or you are lost in a vast sea — in other words, over your head. And don’t you just love the word minutiae. I hardly ever get to use it, so thought I would try it out on you instead of saying getting into the nitty-gritty. I go from extreme to extreme.

      Glad you liked the song. I’ve always known the song, but I have never heard this singer. He’s good.

      Haven’t watched Idol yet. Have had too much going on to settle down. What night and time does it come on? I could look it up, I guess, but I’d rather hear it from you. I’ll remember it better.

      Good to hear from you. I’ve missed you, old pal.

  2. “Just because Montana’s mother, Michelle, is Corey’s first cousin, doesn’t mean Montana is his second cousin.”

    In our family, it would. 😉

    Gosh, I just looked at the photos again and realized how big Dickens is now. He’s no longer “Little” Dickens. I can’t tell you how often we “work around” a cat or two. Here’s a pic of my five that I took a couple of weeks ago. It’s VERY rare to have all five together. Someone is usually missing. They’re afraid of the camera so I had to sneak up on them while they were asleep. That’s why they all look groggy. This is the post from my Live Journal. I guess you know my blog name is yeuxdebleu.


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