Brick Mansions: Not for Kids or Teens Despite PG Rating

The late Paul Walker rocketed to fame in the action sequels “The Fast and the Furious”, beginning in 2001, so I know he had quite a fan base in kids and young adults as well as his older followers. Though I never saw any of those films, I started checking out some of his other movies and liked the open, good-looking, personable actor. I hated that I had only discovered him after his death. He was very down-to-earth and “human” in his acting and might have been given better roles in the future.

One such choice included “Brick Mansions”, starring Walker as under-cover cop Damien Collier in a dystopian Detroit. I like action movies and chose this one because it had a PG rating, thinking it couldn’t go too far off the charts in the requisite language, sex, and violence that get thrown into such films with a heavy hand.

That’s when I found that all PG ratings are not created equal. “Brick Mansions” skated so close on the thin ice of PG that an R-rating lurked just a millimeter below the surface. This is not a movie for kids and young teens, no matter what the rating says. Heavily suggestive scenes, stopped just short, made me flinch; the f-bomb was not used liberally, but it was there; the MF-bomb was so close to being said outright that it left a breath-trail like the misty tail of a comet.

The gymnastic quality of the fight scenes saved the movie from being just another darkly futuristic film with a cheesy and totally unlikely ending. This can be attributed to David Belle, the French actor who played Lino Dupree, Walker’s hostile inside man in the Brick Mansion slums, which are literally walled off from outside society.

David Belle’s claim to fame is the discipline known as “Parkour”, gymnastic movements whose purpose is to get from “point A to point B in the most efficient way possible . . . using only the human body.” (Wikipedia). It was a pleasure to watch Paul Walker and David Belle in action. In any other movie they would have propped up the plot to at least tissue paper thickness. But “Brick Mansions” collapsed under too many bricks out of sync. Walker and Belle are just thrown at the script and told to go into a hostile — not to mention lethal — situation without any plan whatsoever. Just jump in the deep water and the movie-makers ensure their survival in spite of totally unbelievable stupidity.

So the only thing I can recommend here is the delightful pairing of Walker and Belle and absolutely nothing else. And it is no way, no how, a PG.


5 thoughts on “Brick Mansions: Not for Kids or Teens Despite PG Rating

  1. I’ve never seen Paul Walker in anything.

    Did you see Idol tonight? Adam was a guest judge replacing Keith, who had to attend the funeral of his father-in-law. He was a terrific judge. J Lo and Harry asked him to recreate his audition. Such fun! There are two really good singers from the NYC auditions and couple of good ones from KC and Nashville, too. This is shaping up to be a very good season, I think.

  2. Sorry, Jo Anne. I briefly watched Wed night’s show, but couldn’t get into it. I have another ear infection and the noise (I don’t mean that as a derogatory statement – the singing was good) was intolerable. I didn’t even attempt it Thur night. Hate that I missed Adam. I can probably pick it up on streaming. I’m still not sure I want to get into posting on Idol this year. It’s hard going and I get very tired of it before the end and there’s so much other I want to write about. But, of course, I’ve mulled that over every year and by the time opening night comes around I’ve changed my mind. I’ve always stood by my woman’s prerogative.

    As for Paul Walker, he’s strictly an action movie actor and I don’t think you’re much into them, are you? I watch any genre that’s got a plot, some acting, and isn’t trash. Or try to, anyway. I don’t always bat a thousand on movies. But, again, I don’t think anybody else does, either.

    Always great to hear from you. Hope things are going well for you.

    • Oh, what a shame that you’re giving up on Idol. I always looked forward to your write-ups. Idol used to be shown in the UK a few days after it aired here, but they stopped doing that a few years ago. I have a friend in Wales who is totally bonkers over Adam (has seen him three times in London) and we always discussed the show once she’d seen it. I can get the UK’s The X Factor on YouTube so she and I discuss that now. The UK has their own The Voice, but I can’t watch it and my friend can’t watch the US version. Boo! I don’t have any other friends who watch reality shows except some Live Journal friends who watch Dancing with the Stars and So you Think You Can Dance. I love So You Think You Can Dance, but only watch DWTS if there are people competing that I’m interested in. I guess I’ll have to track down some fan communities for Idol and The Voice.

      I have seen both of the Spiderman movies staring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the most recent Superman with Henry Cavill and the Batman movies that starred Christian Bale, but that’s it for action movies. I did watch The Avengers on HBO because it included so many comic book superheros I knew nothing about all in one movie. The last time I was at Walmart they had the first Iron Man movie DVD for $2 so I bought it. The third Iron Man movie is currently on HBO and I thought I’d best see the first one before watching the third. I really like Robert Downey, Jr.

      I hope you feel better soon. Ear infections are terrible; I remember them from my childhood.

      • I haven’t given up on Idol. It just depends on what all is going on here when it gets to the opening show. You picked some great action movies. You can’t beat Robert Downey, Jr. with a stick. I was hoping to see him in the Jury movie with Robert Duvall, but there have been some really bad reviews. If they are even half right, I don’t want to see it.

      • Hmm…I don’t recall reading any reviews of The Judge, good or bad. Robert Duvall has been nominated for a bunch of awards, but I guess that can happen even if a movie isn’t very good.

        I KNOW Michael Keaton is going to get an Oscar for Birdman, but I think either Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game) or Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) should win. Eddie is absolutely astounding and at least he did win the Golden Globe. I hate it when the Oscar goes to someone just because they’ve been around a long time and haven’t won. If Julianne Moore can win — and she will — for playing an Alzheimer victim, Eddie should certainly win for his amazing portrayal of Stephen Hawking and ALS.

        Don’t even get me started on what a farce the awards are, especially the Oscars.


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