Cat Naps – Do Not Damage Their Calm


Dear Folks,

I have been on a home safari to catch cat’s napping. Of course, that’s not hard to do unless you have a camera. Then all bets are off. But after several weeks in which not one cat was injured because of ungodly sleeping positions, I have come up with a series of shots (camera, of course), that are guaranteed to calm YOU after a hard day of work, bosses, kids, spouses, grouses, etc.

So here they are. Our two indoor/outdoor cats. The one with the dark tabby spots splattered over a white background is Dickens, the long and lanky hellion. The other is Mini-Nip (long story), who is also male, and came from the same DNA pool as Dickens — maybe 3rd cousin once removed or something. Mini is the more robust cat who sports the dark tabby saddle on a white field. His idea of hell is having his pillow taken away or removed from its normal position. He wants nothing more than calm . . . quiet . . . sooooothing calm. Shhhh. So. Enjoy







Napping in tandem


At any given moment Dickens can keep an eye on the cold, wintry wild and stay warm, too. Problem is, a heavy coating of Cat Calm flows over him from out of the heat vents. (Oh, if only they could bottle that calm for humans). It’s a diabolical plot, but he doesn’t fight it. He knows that discretion is not only the better part of valor, it’s the better part of melting into the sofa. Maybe even the wall.DSCN5705







It’s hard to tell which end of the above picture is up. I think I’ve got it straight.


Mini-Nip. It isn’t Christmas. He just likes the Christmas throw.


Dickens doesn’t care where the Sandman strikes. Looks like he was about to climb down off the chair. He didn’t make it.


Mini-Nip on HIS pillow.   


Morning Glory


Mini-Nip has made it to the food dish and eaten it all up. He has no energy to get any further. Also, one of the heat pipes runs under the floor where he lies. Also, one of the heat vents is blowing on his rear.  Life doesn’t get any better than this. Especially if someone would fill up the food dish by the time his nap is over.


Besides his pillow, Mini-Nip loves to lie close to his source of sustenance.





Okay. Who made a noise and woke me up? Heads will roll. Go get ’em Dickens.


Sayonara. Nighty-night. Get the camera outa our face. And don’t damage our calm anymore. Think peace. Tranquility. Cats. Napping.


6 thoughts on “Cat Naps – Do Not Damage Their Calm

  1. OMG! I LOVE these! Sooo adorable. I especially like the pic of Dickens half on the sofa and half on the ottoman. And isn’t is amazing how cats love a spot in the sun? Mine will sleep in the strangest places if the sun is shining on them. Apparently Mini-Nip and. Dickens don’t sleep snuggled together. I rarely see one of mine sleeping alone. They are usually in a pile, as they are in this photo, taken when I had the audacity to disturb their collective dream.


      • I have nothing against dogs, I just happen to like cats better. I’d like to have a dog, too, but the cats would go bonkers. They are very easily spooked and I really don’t feel like scraping cats off the ceiling. Glad you liked the photo of my Furry Five.

  2. Mike and I love the name for your pile of puddy tats — The Furry Five. Sounds like a rock group from the last half of the past century. Yes. Dogs are nice. Love to pet the good ones. Don’t want to own one. I know all about scraping cats off the ceiling.

    • If I lived alone, I’d get a dog regardless of what the cats would think. I would get a BIG dog, not a little yappy dog. There are two main reasons I’ve never had a dog since leaving home: 1) The need to have the predictable schedule that’s required for taking a dog out to do its duty, and 2) I don’t like to listen to barking. If I ever get a dog, it will be one with a basso profundo woof. 🙂

  3. oops! Forgot to click on “Notify me of new comments via email” when I posted my last comment. I hate that I have to remember to do that every time. Grrrr!


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