Jax Kindled A Spark in American Idol Burnout

I’m totally burned out on American Idol. I’ve checked in a time or two this year, but absolutely nothing sparked my interest. The fire it used to kindle in me is nothing but ashes. And even they are cold. I had determined not to continue writing about it this year. And it still remains to be seen if I do.

I love Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr., and Jennifer Lopez is okay even though her “Pretty Woman” schtick is beginning to get old. But I haven’t heard anything new and original, or particularly wise from them in a long time. They need to start looking at these kids from different angles and come up with some real critiques and sage advice. And, yes, in the few seconds they’re given to do it. Hard, but not impossible.

Even Ryan Seacrest’s new scruffy, buff image didn’t really help. Ryan looks good no matter how they drape him, and he has the magic voice and personality to go with it. But even Ryan was not enough to make the dead ashes of my viewer interest cough out a little smoke.

Last night I tuned in. It was the girls’ night onstage. I groaned. I really wished it had been the guys. They usually sing better and are more on an even keel than the twitty girls. I’m being brutally honest here out of sheer frustration over my once-favorite show. I was able to get through most of it last night by muting what has become raucous theme music. I also muted the judges when all that came out of their mouths was the same old drivel.

The first singer, Tyanna Jones, moved me through “Rockin’ Robin” without hitting the mute button. And believe me, that’s quite an accomplishment. She’s a keeper. I really liked this 16-year-old. But the hair has GOT to go.

Then I moved on through okay, okay, mute, mute, until this cute platinum blonde gal stepped up wearing The Internet Dress. The moment she opened her mouth I perked up, sat forward, and watched entranced through the whole performance. Even Mike got involved. (He was reading). Sparks flew from that jazzy Jersey girls’s silver voice. Her name is Jax and suits her to a tee.

She got into the look, the mannerisms, and emotions as she took “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to a whole nother venue. Her jazzy, flirtatious rendition was a different route to the same objective — nothing is going to keep me from the one I love. And the way Jax performed it, everybody in our crowd sure enjoyed the journey.

Mike and I hovered over what the judges would say. They just had to be blown away. Keith was positive about Jax’s personality and definite gift, but said nothing about the song. J-Lo, however, downed Jax’s rendition of the old Motown favorite because it was an old Motown favorite. And, of course, Harry had to waft along in Jennifer’s perfumed wake. Then he added insult to injury by calling Jax’s song “dull”. What!? I can somewhat see where they’re coming from on the song, even though “make it your own” kind of cancels that out. But dull? Not even.

My brother-in-law Randy has followed this year’s show and has pretty much picked Jax to win. Her funny little quips afterward told me she has her own personality and doesn’t have to blend. She seems confident without being arrogant.

So, you go girl !!! You’ve given me enough spark of interest to try this one more time. We’ll just see where it goes from here.


7 thoughts on “Jax Kindled A Spark in American Idol Burnout

  1. I TOTALLY agree with you and so does the viewing public. American Idol’s audience keeps shrinking and this season’s crop of contestants is going to do nothing to improve its ratings. The men performed the night before; it’s a pity you didn’t tune is a day earlier. I didn’t like them any better than the women though, if truth be told.

    I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to convince you to watch The Voice instead. The blind auditions are like watching a finely tuned suspense show. The calibre of singer is much, MUCH higher than on Idol. The contestants can actually sing in tune and many have musical backgrounds. Others don’t, but are simply musically gifted. I’d watch it just for the judges because their camaraderie is priceless and I love how they compete with each other to be chosen by contestants who have impressed the judges enough to get more than one chair to turn during the “blind auditions.”

    The blind auditions continue until each of the four judges has 12 singers for their team then they move on to “battle rounds” where each judge/mentor pits two of their singers against each other in a duet and has to chose one to keep and one to let go. One of the other judges can “steal” the singer who is let go if they want that person for their team.

    Next the contestants compete like Idol contestants with individual songs and the public voting. There is one more show (this Monday) in the blind audition phase. Give it a look and if you don’t like the show’s format, judges or contestants, I’ll never bring the subject up again.

    I don’t like any of this season’s Idol contestants except one black man and three black girls. None of the others impress me at all. And Joey? Worst of the bunch, male or female. I don’t handle kooks well.

    • I’ll try to give it a look see Monday. What channel? I think Katie and Randy watch it, but not sure. I’ve seen it a few times in past seasons, but when I watched they got more than a little off color. And I don’t like what’s his name the country guy at all. He’s too full of himself.

      And, man, are you so right about Joey. Couldn’t stand her singing or her wild, out of control performance. I think she’ll be the one to go. Katie said there were other singers better than her who didn’t make it. But, I think they are always going to have a kook on the show for some goofy reason only Idol knows.

      And, truth be told, if I had not watched last night until Jax came on, I would have hung up my Idol pencil for good.

      • It’s on NBC at 8:00.

        Off color? There are few “damns” and “hells”, but I find that far from off color.

        “And I don’t like what’s his name the country guy at all. He’s too full of himself.”

        You don’t like Blake Shelton??? I can’t believe it. His “full of himself” routine is his show persona. He’s won four times (all with fantastic country singers) and he loves to rub it in. ALL the judges poke fun at each other. If anyone is “full of himself,” it’s Adam Levine, but he’s also the most entertaining judge, IMO.

        However, to each his own.

      • No, the hells and damns are nothing these days. It was more than that. It was big time innuendos. But like I said, I only watched it a few times and never for an entire season. And I totally get the poking fun at each other. That’s part of the fun of the show. Blake just rubs me the wrong way in his interactions with people. As for Levine, he may be full of himself too, but he doesn’t come across so directly to me. We’ve watched his videos. Mike says we need to send him a pair of suspenders. LOL

      • You are MUCH more sensitive to “innuendo” than I am. I don’t mind anything really except people making crude and tasteless remarks or gratuitous sex and violence in movies. I just finished reading the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy and loved it so you can see that i’m open to pretty much anything. 😉

    • Oh yes, he knows. I’ve told him all about the books. He was a bit surprised when I told him it was a really wonderful love story with great character development. I had been under the impression that the story was all kinky sex, but it’s so much more. And I absolutely love the characters in the story. I can’t wait for the DVD. The movie played in several thousand theaters, but not here in the boonies, as usual.


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