Qaasim Throws Down on American Idol and Comes Out Swinging.

He didn’t whine. He didn’t beg. He didn’t cry. And he didn’t fall apart. When Qaasim Middleton wound up on American Idol seated in an unlighted chair, he knew he had to sing for his life. So Qaasim simply manned up and did it.

Not since Caleb Johnson did a slider for the microphone last year has the audience gone so crazy. I went nuts. The judges tried to look cool sitting there with that one save under their hats. But you could see Jennifer had trouble containing herself. Then they put on their poker faces. But when Harry Connick, Jr. started giving his wordy spiel I knew it was all over but the screaming and hugging. Qaasim Middleton WILL BE BACK.

At the start of “Come Together” by the Beatles, Qaasim looked a little disappointed and got off to a slow start. But that was only for a moment. Then everything changed. His face. His demeanor. It was Mohammed Ali in the ring taking care of business. It was like Qaasim channeled a lifetime of bitter disappointment, even rage, into his last ditch stand. His performance kept building into a kaleidoscope of emotion, until that last scream made the hairs on my arm stand on end. Qaasim was a powder keg of latent talent. All it took was a spark.

Only two contestants made anything like an impression on American Idol B.Q (before Qaasim) last night. Joey made a believer out of me and Jax is back. Kenny Loggins got everybody moving with “Footloose” and ended by putting Harry Connick, Jr. in his place. And Jennifer Lopez took me to Never Never Land with her amazing light-show-gown. Wow!

That’s all I have to say except: Qaasim supported Jax last night as they stood for the verdict. I noticed. Qaasim was happy for her and showed it. I noticed. Qaasim, you are a classy guy. I notice. So stay with it, Qaasim. Go for it. Channel all that you are. The world needs more men like you.


7 thoughts on “Qaasim Throws Down on American Idol and Comes Out Swinging.

  1. I commented about Idol on your entry about Jo Stafford. I hadn’t seen this entry when I posted there. I think I called Qaasim by the wrong name over there.

    Yes, JLo looked and sounded lovely. I liked her and Kenny Loggins, but that was about all.

    • Yeah, it was a slow night. I liked Joey’s Mad World. Can’t compare to Adam’s, but I thought it was still very good. And Jax was cute, she just needs to get back into her edgy sound. I didn’t think you would like Qaasim, but I liked him in the way I liked our old screaming rocker who was a judge for a season. My mind’s blank, can’t bring up his name. Bummer.

      • Let’s face it. NOBODY who sings an Adam Lambert song can ever compare to him. I like his versions of everything better than even the originals. Jax LOOKED nice, but I didn’t care for the song. I prefer her edgy sound, too. I like Qaasim’s personality, but not all the antics.

        I had a doll as a child that looked like Joey. I don’t remember what kind of doll it was or I’d post a photo for you. She looked sort of like this:

        You”re no doubt thinking of Steven Tyler. I LOVE his band, Aerosmith.

  2. My doll had the best wardrobe in the neighborhood. She was almost two feet tall and my grandmother made all her clothes using actual patterns for a child’s clothes. My Aunt Jo used to knit and crochet clothes for her, too. I wonder what ever happened to them. I haven’t thought about it for years.

  3. Good Question. I *think* I might have a couple of old black and white Kodak photos that my grandmother took of me sitting on the porch holding the doll, but I don’t know if they’re in an album or in my many large envelopes of unsorted photos that were passed on to me by relatives. Frank and I keep talking about going through unpacked boxes (25 years in NH and we still have some) so if we ever do that, I’ll look for them.

    I had been living in New York for quite a long time when my grandparents died (I lived with them growing up) and Mom and my Aunt Jo went through all their things. I have no idea what happened to all my scrapbooks and childhood things. I know my college diploma got lost. I could have replaced it, of course, but never had a need to. I was so enraptured with my life in New York that I didn’t really give much thought at the time to what I’d left behind.


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