Boy George is the Sane One on Crazy Night of American Idol

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Boy George and Scott, Idol mentors

It was more about personality on American Idol last night than singing. At least I was more interested in watching the dynamics on stage than listening to the vocals, which were mediocre at best. It was ’80s Songs Night. The 1980s had some awesomely good songs, but you would  never know it by watching Idol. And I won’t even mention David Hasselhoff. Oh, Ouch. Not a word. My lips are sealed. You had to be there. But . . . I’ll never look at The Hoff in the same way again. Not that I was a great fan to begin with, but . . . Okay. Nuff said.

So let’s do a little talking about the on-camera personalities of the contestants. They may be stellar people at home, known and loved by all. But I’m just concerned with who they show themselves to be to the viewing public while on camera.

Of the three singers who remained last night after the evening of musical chairs of a different color, two were eliminated — Adanna and Maddie. However, Rayvon made it through to next week. Talk about personalities. Both ladies exited American Idol with style, class, and beautiful smiles.

I watch contestants when they are not center stage and you can pick up on a world of dynamic as they await their moment. Qaasim, who caught this season’s only SAVE last week, has impressed me with his outgoing personality, which includes attempting to show support for his fellow contestants.

I don’t know if Maddie was just nervous or terrified, (I know she was hospitalized for an appendectomy a few weeks ago), but she mostly has looked drawn up into herself, paying no attention to anyone else around her and giving the cold shoulder to supportive Qaasim. Last night he just finally turned away and left her to herself. It may be that audiences have picked up on that, too, because American Idol is about personality, style, and performance. So whatever it was, Maddie didn’t make it.

Rayvon was in the bottom three but made it through to next week. His singing is okay, but boring. What kills it for me, however, is that he comes across as arrogant. I don’t know what went on between Rayvon and his mentors last night, but none of them were happy. Boy George walked off saying he not only “couldn’t read” Rayvon, he also couldn’t break through his shell, or the wall around him.

I’m with Jennifer Lopez, who had the guts to mention the episode — these guys are giving contestants the value of years of experience, and, let’s face it, Boy George is no slouch when it comes to singing. He had some great hits once upon a time and deservedly so.

I know contestants want to sing their own way, but they should at least take the advice into consideration. Let’s tell it like it is. American Idol contestants do not measure up to the singers on The Voice. They should be glad to get a few vocal and performance tips from those in the know.

Boy George counseled contestants to show vulnerability — the human touch; enjoy what they’re doing; keep connected with their audience, and stay on pitch. It may be hard to do, but this is a TALENT show, boys and girls. Show some.

Nobody sang really great last night. My top pick is JAX, who showed some of her original personality and quirkiness in an off-kilter version of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name”.

Clark was finally feeling it and it showed in “Every Breath You Take” by The Police. It gave J-Lo the goosies and Keith felt the heart of it.

Nick started off a little shaky, but hit his stride with the rest of “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. The good-looking guy with the million dollar smile needs to connect with his audience, said his mentor, and watch his pitch. Keith told Nick he needed to chill out. “You look like you’re meeting your girlfriend’s dad for the first time,” he said.

Qaasim sounded good, but needed some more Qaasim in his performance. I don’t care what the judges say. The personable young man’s all or nothing performance goes hand in glove with his vocals. You can’t separate them without losing steam. “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer was not the best song for him.

Quentin, the “fashionista” as his mentors called him, gave a so-so performance of “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. The highlight was hearing Keith Urban call it a “killah performance”. That tickles the fire out of me. Kind of like hearing Norm on New Yankee Workshop say “drawah”. (Google it, young ones).

Joey has shown that she has a great voice, but she doesn’t seem to quite know what to do with it; somewhat like her on-camera style that wanders around all over the place and is more than a little distracting, if not totally off-putting. “Girls Justa Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper was not the song for Joey, who didn’t know what to do with the song or herself on stage. Yes. Cyndi Lauper’s look was crazy bizarre, but it worked for her. Joey’s doesn’t.

Tyanna is another good singer who chose the absolutely wrong song, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston. It was not good for the teen, but the judges were kind. Jennifer advised her, “Do what you were born to do.”

But the one who REALLY needs to go, bless his heart, is sweet little Daniel “The Kid” Seavey, who sang “You Make My Dreams Come True”, by Hall and Oates. Keith could only say, “You look good on camera.” The little girls liked screaming for him, but little girls will use any excuse to scream. Please don’t vote for Daniel, anymore. Maybe he can come back after he grows a five o”clock shadow and his voice deepens.

Next week is Kelly Clarkson week. I have not now, nor ever have been, a Kelly Clarkson fan. I may watch and I may not.

Okay. I’ve had my say. I’m outta here. But first, here’s Boy George in a crazy, wild video of Karma Chameleon. But the singing is great.


3 thoughts on “Boy George is the Sane One on Crazy Night of American Idol

  1. Hmm…after reading this, I don’t know whether or not bother watching my recording of this episode. Even without watching it I can tell you I agree wih what you’ve said.

    I especialy agree that Daniel needs to go. He’s TOTALLY out of his depth on Idol.

    I’m not a big Kelly Clarkson fan either. I like a couple of songs she’s done, but only a few.

    I’ll probably watch it just to see how dreadful “The Hoff” was, and Maddie’s departure. Isn’t Adanna the girl who’s been a contestant several times before?

    “Let’s tell it like it is. American Idol contestants do not measure up to the singers on The Voice.”

    Well, finally I have convinced you of this. Not only are they better singers, but the judges are fun and the show is MUCH more suspenseful, especially the early shows.

    I’ll be back after I’ve watched the episode.

  2. I’m back, as promised, after watching the episode. I have only a few comments. I thought Quenton was very good singing the Phil Collins song and I thought Tyanna was wonderful singing Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” She really is amazing at knowing how to present a song at age 16 and the girl’s got pipes. Clark has a very nice voice, but he doesn’t use it well. And he drops off at the ends of phrases so much that the last word disappears.

    I’ve heard OF Salt ‘n’ Pepa, but had never heard them sing before. I certainly hadn’t missed anything. Ughh! The Hoff needs to find a retirement hobby and stay away from cameras. Double ughh!

    If all the songs were supposed to be from the 1980s, how come nobody sang a Journey song? I can’t believe the REALLY popular music/bands couldn’t be cleared to use on Idol. The Voice has a lot of Journey songs so I don’t think clearances would be a problem.

    Daniel really, REALLY needs to go home next week. How did a once great show become so bad?


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