Travesty on DWTS: Willow Eliminated; Boob Tube Flourishes

I don’t usually write about Dancing With the Stars, but I’m making an exception. That two of the best dancers were the bottom two last night was a shocker. That Willow Shields was voted off was a travesty.

She was a great little dancer with a sweet attitude. She was also a real trooper. She took every critique in stride. I loved watching her and her pro-partner, Mark Ballas. I was looking forward to seeing them continue to the finals. They should have. This season’s show will not be as exciting or colorful without them. Watching Mark teach this young, 14-year-old how to dance, and in such a fun-loving, but respectfully paternal way, was a bright glow this season that warmed my heart. Tom Bergeron, DWTS host, added his own heartwarming moment when he stepped out of his master of ceremonies persona and said, “Can I just be a dad for a moment?” And hugged Willow as she cried.

To have the awesome Rumer Willis even anywhere near the bottom two just blows my mind. Since the beginning I’ve thought of her as a shoe-in to win. I love her and I loved seeing her dad, Bruce Willis, come to the studio this week to support her in that signature, laid-back, Bruce Willis style. It was so cute to hear her squeal “Daddy!” when he came in the door. And I like seeing her mom, Demi Moore, in the audience every week, showing her love and support. Rumer is an exceptional dancer — really exceptional. She and her pro-partner Val  Chmerkovskiy are excitingly entertaining whenever they sweep onto the dance floor. Rumer must go on to the finals. Otherwise the voters are cutting out the heart of this season’s show.

Both couples and their partners should never have even been thought of as candidates for the bottom two. Both Val and Mark have shown originality and imagination in their choreographies. They are a pleasure to watch.

Others who should be candidates for the finals are Riker Lynch and Allison Holker. Love that boy and his enthusiasm and pizzazz. His Jack Sparrow imitation a couple of weeks ago just brought down the house around here. It’s one clip that I’ve watched more than once. And, if I heard right, Riker is a cousin to Derek Hough. Is that right?

Another great dance contestant is Nastia Llukin, who has been partnered with Derek Hough. Last night, after Derek injured his foot during rehearsal, she danced with Sasha Farber. Though injured, Derek was not to be denied his choreography or even an integral part in the dance number — a modern Charleston on a subway. And though Derek couldn’t dance on his feet, he gave quite a dance performance just sitting down. Wow! How does he do it?

Here’s a shout-out for Nastia’s stand-in partner, Sasha. He was fast, sharp, and on the money. He and Nastia were great together and I really enjoyed this number. Bring Sasha back as more than a crab for next season. Okay?

One contestant who definitely has staying power is Noah Gallaway, whose imaginative and gifted partner is Sharna Burgess. Sharna has had to create choreographies around the fact that Noah is missing a knee and his left arm due to an explosion while serving in Iraq. Though Noah cannot dance in the classic manner, his fortitude and dogged persistence and determination have paid off. Last night his hip action and star quality ability to become a part of the action was what I noticed. He has become an American icon from this season of Dancing With the Stars. He deserves it. Hats off to Len Goodman who commented that Noah might have half the limbs of most guys, but he is twice the man. Also, Noah Galloway is from my neck of the woods — Birmingham, Alabama. You rock, Noah.

My least favorite couple has been Chris Soules and Witney Carson. The pro, Witney Carson, is a fantastic dancer. She must be since she has had to make up for Soules lack of style and personality. His best dance was last night, but I was hoping it would be too little too late. I have never watched The Bachelor. Never intend to. Most of the ones I’ve seen on trailers and in the news seem to be made up of self-serving narcissists with the personality of a mannequin. Chris did show shock last night that he was left standing and not eliminated.

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson are a fun couple to watch, especially since they seem to have “fallen in LUV”. But the dance quality is rather off and on and it’s never the best. Like Soules, I think it’s time for them to go. Robert, too, was shocked by Willow’s elimination.

One more comment and I’ll stop bending your ear. Television was once known as the Boob Tube. Well, now it’s official. It’s a boob tube. Carrie Ann Inaba and Julianne Hough were undoubtedly showing solidarity as well as way too much offensive flesh last night. Their solidarity surely was with Jennifer Lopez, who garnered lots of media attention this past week for her bare-breasted ensemble on American Idol Wednesday night.

Okay. So celebrities with breasts (or not), love showing them off. I just wish they would quit flaunting them on shows that are touted as “family”, since these try to keep crap to at least a minimum. I don’t want to watch a show where the women are busy juggling their jugs as a way to make a statement, or to get publicity. You look RIDICULOUS. How about showing some TALENT, girls? Doesn’t that count for anything, anymore?

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.