Little Squirrel Siblings Play in the Treetops – Ahh Spring


There’s somethin’ goin’ on down there. Reckon it’s our 15 minutes of fame. Be sure the camera lady gets our good side. — Photos by Linda M. Smith

Dear Folks,

I’ve had my shades pulled all the way up all week and I am now surrounded by spring green. That wonderful new green with color so tender and clear it makes even old folks feel new and green again.


So when I saw Tammy, my daughter-in-law, sitting outside enjoying the early morning breeze and sunshine, I grabbed a bowl of Rice Chex with milk, slid into my sandals, and moseyed on over to join her. In between bites of cereal we talked about nothing in particular, mostly just enjoying the beauty of the newborn day.


But Tammy is an eagle eye. If anything moves, she notices. Pointing to the old owl box Mike made a few years ago up in a great big tree, she was certain there were little squirrels playing on top. I hot-footed it to grab the camera and the binoculars so we could see exactly what we were seeing, making a wide detour so I wouldn’t spook the bitty wild life.


I gave Tammy the binocs while I kept the camera busy and my arm tired. I had to zoom in close, which left little room for error. We have a tripod, but darned if I know where it is or how to use it. I just point and shoot. You know how it is with stuff you don’t ever use but you intend to. Right? Well, we’re about as “normal” as they rest of you folks.

It was such an ALIVE morning. Know what I mean? So I tried to get some pics to share a little of the magic with you. Now go ahead and grab yourself a bowl of milk and cereal. Forget about cooking and all the mundane everyday drudge. And join me in my morning glory. Hope you just LOVE it.


Hey, guys. They could do a Mother Goose rhyme about us. The Three Little Squirrels, lost their curls, and now their tails are all bushy. Hey, bros, maybe they’ll hire us for a salon commercial — and then our lives will be cushy..


I’m NOT tailgating. You’re just movin’ too slow.


I’m sorry, too. You’re forgiven, bro.


Hang on to my back leg and I’ll try to catch what’s happenin’ down there.. Hey! Are you even paying attention?


This is me pretending I’m on the bow of the Titanic. Some say me and DiCaprio, you know, kinda favor. I’m pretty sure it’s the eyes.


I could go for some action shots, how bout you? Now don’t give that deer in the headlights look. I’m popping up outta this box and goin’ for it.


Could ya slide it over, pal. Comin’ through. Comin’ through.


Look at me! Move over, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Avengers. Forget about Rocky (no, not Balboa). I can’t think of a cool name yet, but I’m workin’ on it.


Okay. Here I come. Ready or not. I wanta be the sidekick.


No. You’re not comin’ with me. Get back in the owl box. You can’t do nothin’ but stare at the camera. I’m gonna be cool and natural. 


Are you still starin’ at that camera. For Pete’s sake, snap out of it. In this business if you freeze, you’re toast. Got it?


Well. Time’s up. If you readers see our publicity shots, be sure to give our agent a ring and we’ll have our people set up something with your people. In the meantime. Th-th-that’s all, Folks. See. It’s THE END!!


5 thoughts on “Little Squirrel Siblings Play in the Treetops – Ahh Spring

      • It’s a terribly demoralizing situation. We aren’t able to do any yard cleanup with so much snow still on the ground. We can’t even SEE the ground. We can’t clean out the bird nesting boxes and our tree swallows usually arrive by April 15th. In less than a month we normally have hummingbirds. The temperature is still below freezing every day. I wonder sometimes if it will ever end.

        Did you see Idol this week? The contestants seem to be doing a little better, but the song choices still leave me wondering what the show has advisors for. I seriously wonder if the show will be back next season.

      • I know it’s hard to see winter go on and on and miss out on the birds who come in spring. — I did see Idol the past two weeks and couldn’t muster up enough interest to write about it. It’s like the right ones go through, but they are not singing anything interesting. I agree with you.

      • “I did see Idol the past two weeks and couldn’t muster up enough interest to write about it.”

        Well, I’m not surprised. I feel the same. It’s nice to know that we see eye-to-eye about the show, but sad that it’s come to this. 😦


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