For Our 41st Anniversary, Sing to Me in Italian, Bella Mia

Our 41st anniversary dawned bright and beautiful today for Mike and me. Who would have known, as we said our vows in his mom and dad’s home in Georgia, that forty-one years later Mike would be desperately trying to wind down the work load and retire. But his customers won’t let him. He has had so much work the past few weeks that he said he should have announced his retirement five years ago.

Also, today is my daughter-in-law Tammy’s birthday. I posted a memory lane message on her Facebook, reminding her of outings we shared riding down the road on a sunny day listening to my Dean Martin CD. Tammy and I are big fans of the late Dean Martin. We sang along with those songs til we got them pitch perfect and could even sing the Italian words. We were ready to take that show on the road. Oh, we were gooood. Uh, huh, HUH! At least to our audience of two. Ourselves.

That VOICE — Dean’s not ours — was enough to make us sigh big sighs, especially the Italian words. Every time I hear them I turn into a puddle. I melt. It’s like he kissed them into the air. That’s the only way I know how to describe it.

So for my 41st anniversary, when Mike gets home from a long, hot, tiring day, I want him to sing to me in Italian. Okay. Ain’t gonna happen. He was born and raised on a farm in Georgia. Can’t you just hear him wrapping his vocal chords around “ritorna me, cara mia te amo”. Okay. So maybe I’ll just settle for “bella mia”. Anybody can say “bella mia”. And I won’t ask him to sing it. Maybe we can just waltz to the Dean Martin CD. Sigh.


5 thoughts on “For Our 41st Anniversary, Sing to Me in Italian, Bella Mia

  1. Congratulations to you and Mike. “That’s a long time to look at the same face over breakfast,” as my grandfather use to say to my grandmother. They were married 66 years.

    I liked Dean Martin, too. I think he was every bit as good as Sinatra, but he just couldn’t break away from his association with Jerry Lewis.

    ION, I skipped Idol last week, but watched it tonight. What a difference! Each contestant sang three songs and I loved ALL of the performances. I really didn’t want any of the four contestants to go home, but one had to and next week is the final with Clark, Nick and Jax. I predict that Nick will win. Having said all that, did you watch it this week? J-Lo must have heard what you said to her two weeks ago; she was covered from her waist to her chin. Skirt still short, though.

    • How did I miss this? Thank you for your kind words. Sorry I didn’t see it until now. And your grandparents’ 66 years is a long time, but if you love the face it can’t be long enough.I saw last week’s Idol and J-Lo was dressed appropriately. I don’t know if you saw my post on Dancing With The Stars, but Carrie Ann and Julianne both took a page from J-Lo’s “ripped bodice” haute couture. This past week, Julianne was dressed appropriately, but Carrie Ann was still open to the naval. DWTS has been exciting this year and is the first year I’ve stuck with it in several years.

      • My grandparents were very much in love from the day they first met. They died three weeks apart at ages 93 and 95. Everyone in the family knew one couldn’t survive without the other.

        DWTS conflicts with The Voice, which I love, but I started watching DWTS on Hulu the week that Willow went home. That was a shock I didn’t see coming. I’m hoping Nastia Lukin wins. I have a soft spot for the athletes. She’s not as good as Meryl Davis was, but she’s good. I just can’t warm up to Rumer, but it would be nice for Val to win since Maksim won last season.


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