Nick Fradiani Stunned When Win Announced on American Idol

Nick Fradiani became the poster boy for the word “stunned” when Ryan Seacrest announced him the winner of Season 14 American Idol last night. So certain was Fradiani that runner-up Clark Beckham would win that it took almost the entire last moments of the show for the wall of shock to crumble enough to allow him to go on.

He need not have worried in my book. My family had Fradiani Fever. Though runner-up Clark Beckham can definitely sing, there were two bumps along the way that threw him completely out of the race for us. Number one: he has the emotional presence of a Ken doll. Number two: the only real emotion he ever showed on American Idol was when he stood against not only his mentor Scott Borchetta, but against guest mentor Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flats. And after singing the song his own way on the show, even the judges had to agree with the mentors — and he still argued.

They were trying to get Clark past his piano bar sound, which can be pretty but it’s not going to make me jump up and shout. When someone’s trying to teach you how to drive a car and you insist you’d rather not push the little pedal at your foot, that’s not only the height of arrogance but . . . you’re not going to get that sucker out of the driveway.

Height of arrogance? Clark told his mentors that if he couldn’t win American Idol his way, he’d rather not win it at all. His way or the highway. Even though he stepped up his game after that, it wasn’t enough for me to get around that Ken doll face and “my way or no way” attitude.

In contrast we have Nick Franiani. Emotion flows through him — in his voice, in his face and eyes, in his movements. Yes. It took him a while to get off the ground in this competition. But his humility not only allowed him to listen to instruction from those with years of experience and knowledge, his innate gift allowed him to carry through on them and grow.

As for the judges, Nick Fradiani was Keith Urban’s choice for the win; Clark Beckham was J-Lo’s, and Harry Connick sat on the fence. I read one news item that said Nick was Jennifer’s choice. That was wrong. Jennifer chose Clark. Keith backed the winner. I watched the show. And this time — AMERICA GOT IT RIGHT. I love this guy and believe he will make his mark in the music world.

* * * * *  A shout out here for Keith Urban. Keith, you seem to be a great human being, definitely a great singer and entertainer, and a fine husband. Seeing your beautiful wife, Nicole Kidman, in the audience, backing you up and looking so happy, filled my heart with a smile. And after the win, when you clasped Nick’s hand and came around the table to give him a hug — that was awesome. That’s when Nick lost it. Thank you, Keith, for being a beautiful island in a sea of disappointing entertainers.

Oh, and another thing. Judges J-Lo, Keith, and Harry really rocked it last night. I’ve always known J-Lo could sing, but that was the best I’ve ever heard her. She was and Keith were awesome on the vocals and Harry was hot on the instrumentals. All in all, there were some great moments on American Idol last night. Sorry if you missed it.


11 thoughts on “Nick Fradiani Stunned When Win Announced on American Idol

  1. I’m very happy for Nick. I felt he really deserved to win over Clark. Your description of Clark is very apt. I think Jax would have been a good winner, too, but c’est la vie. I loved the performance by Jenn, Keith and Harry. They are ALL three such talented people. I’m glad they’ll be back for the final season. That is most likely the only reason I’ll watch it.

    ION, I watched DWTS this week and loved, loved, loved the judges doing choreography. The routines they created were wonderful and they should keep that in every season. I know Derek Hough was injured, but I didn’t see the show where the injury occurred. What happened to him? Who do you think is going to win this season?

    • Jo Anne. I read this but didn’t have time to reply at the moment and forgot it later. Blame it on age.

      Jax was best when she was practicing. You heard how all the tutors bragged on her. She was good on stage, too, but never quite up to what I always expected of her. Which was a lot. I hope she will get a lot of help and a big career. I’m so glad Nick won out over Ken doll.

      This was the best year on DWTS since Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler. As for the winner, I think Rumer is the best dancer, but this year, I’ll be happy with any of these three, even Noah. He has worked hard and overcome so much. And I must say he’s better than some of the sports figures who have won in past years. Can’t wait to see it tonight.

      • I especially liked Jax when she did slow numbers at the piano. I’m just not a fan of female rockers.

        Rumer is amazing and unless I missed something, she’s had no dance training. I’m glad she and Val won, especially Val. It makes him the equal of his brother….sort of of. I still absolutely adore Maks.

      • I think Jazz defies classification, and if she can come out with something that connects with the general public, she will go far. I love her cute, quirky personality. The whole package.

        Rumer IS amazing. And so grateful for the positive outpouring from everywhere. As far as I know she has had no dance training. But the sheer physical moves she makes, much less the beautiful artistry in face and form, speak of an innate gift. I think that why her dad told to “get back out there” on Good Morning, America” yesterday. She is a complete and wonderful natural. And so good, as you say, to see Val get his season for the limelight. And I love his whole attitude about “family” in the competition arena. It was a great show on GMA yesterday. I’ve tried to find some clips to share, but can’t seem to get them to copy.

        Oh, Girl. Every female LOVES Max.

  2. “This was the best year on DWTS since Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler.”

    Oh, I beg to disagree. My favorite years were when Nicole and Derek won and, of course, last year when Meryl and Maks won. I asked about what kind of injury Derek had, but you didn’t say. I watched it tonight and I agree that Rumer is very good, as is the thin blond man — can’t remember his name. I don’t understand why Rumer has such a low self-image. Maybe it’s because of having such famous parents. Like Amy with prosthetic legs last year, I doubt that Noah will win unless it’s a sympathy vote. You never can tell though.

    The people on The Voice have been awesome this year. I think that show has been responsible in large part for the lack of Idol viewers. It’s just so much better. The final performances were tonight and tomorrow night the winner will be chosen.

    • Sorry I missed answering about Derek. I guess you know by now that he had an injury to his ankle, came down on it wrong or something. You know I can’t remember anything from one day to the next.

      Also, that statement of mine you quoted needed some qualification. The point about Derek and Kellie was misleading. I need to edit and make sure people know I was referring to the show as a whole rather than one or two good ones and the rest just so-so. Katie and I are very happy with the three couples left standing. Even though Nastia was a formidable dancer, she did not have much personality. No one seemed able to warm up to her around here. We want an excellent dancer that we also LIKE.

      Also, the whole show itself was better this year. More entertaining. This doesn’t take anything away from the excellent points you made about dancers from other seasons, like Max. Loved it. But this year the whole scenario was better, not just the standout.

      I sound like I’m meandering all over the place, but I’ve only had one sip of coffee. Been up since six. And my brain doesn’t seem to get better with age. Maybe we should compare the old commercial about “This is your brain on drugs”, and come out with a new one “This is your brain on Birthdays after 60”.

      Okay. I’m stopping now. I gotta have another sip of coffee. Have one with me.

      • Thanks for telling me what happened to Derek.

        I agree about Nastia. She’s obviously talented in the way so many Olympians have been on DWTS, but she definitely lacked personality. As has been said about this and the vocal competition shows, you need the whole package.

        ~”Maybe we should compare the old commercial about “This is your brain on drugs”, and come out with a new one “This is your brain on Birthdays after 60″.~

        LOL I love that! As a matter of fact, I’m drinking a cup of coffee right now. I drink it all day long. I’m think I’m immune to caffeine.

      • I can’t do all-day drinking. Uh, let me rephrase — I can’t do caffeine chain drinking. I’d become a wind-up hip-hop toy with a bobble head. Not a pretty sight.

      • You’re welcome. I think you’d enjoy “Step Up Revolution.” Kathryn does some beautiful dancing in it. Interesting plot, too.


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