Dear Folks, Just Got Back From Pensacola Beach. Need Rest.


Dear Folks,

We pulled the old RV up the hilly drive, turned around in the circle at the top of the hill, and backed into our own little pebbly, shady drive, about 4 p.m. yesterday. We have been on a week’s vacation with five adult-sized people packed into a 35-foot fifth wheel travel trailer. We had a great time, except for when we didn’t, and for Mike and me, it will take a month to get the tired out of our bones, brains, and souls. That’s the price you pay for fun when you get past fif– uh, sixty.

I’m too exhausted for a play by play commentary at the moment. Uh, excuse me. My coffee water is whistling at me. Be right back.

Okay. I’m back. I’ve been living on naps and caffeine since we got home. But did I mention we DID have a good time. I’ll give you a brief overview.

In Pensacola we camped on that long island that stretches narrowly between the ocean and the bay. It was hot, but we had really good breezes most of the time. Here’s what happened there — in brief — you know, like “Pensacola in 90 seconds”, with the full lowdown coming up — maybe tomorrow.

Okay. Our guests this trip were daughter Michelle, granddaughter Montana, and Montana’s friend, Heather. Neither Montana nor Heather had ever seen the ocean. So we hit the beach right after landing. (We celebrated Montana’s 14th birthday while we were gone). Groan. But we put the camera into a tailspin. I’ll post pictures when I rest up from our vacation.

Right now I’ve got a couple of pictures to post to show you guys that I ain’t lyin’ about the upcoming tales. First off, did you know that frogs were once birds back in the paleosaurus age? Nobody else knew that, either. Just me. Which no one will ever let me forget. That’s an interesting story.

The kids stumbled upon an abandoned campsite from Friday the 13th and a snake slithered across their path. I got pictures of the desolate campsite.

I can also prove that I hugged a pirate — a really big, salty pirate, a little the worse for wear. Not me. The pirate.


I also laid siege to a really old dungeony fort, with water dripping plunk, plunk, plunk in the thick darkness of dead end halls and endless archways and rooms and windows with iron bars and iron barred doors that creeeaked ominously. Woooo.


Mike and me. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

So keep your ears on, good buddy, and there’ll be more tales a-comin’. I’m just too tired to think or keep my eyes open right now. I’m working on coming back to life with plenty of caffeine and naps. Let’s just say I’m shutting down for maintenance. Enjoy the preview and let me finish my coffee and get some more shut-eye. Catch ya later, alligator. (None of us saw any gators this trip, either). Bummer.


Montana and Heather, acting like prisoners of war. They need a few lessons — in acting.


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