Demopolis Public Library: A Must See in Historic Demopolis, AL

Sunset Gypsies

DSCN7451 Photo by Linda Smith

There’s a glow about the Demopolis Public Library in Demopoiis, Alabama. It doesn’t come from just the lamps or the floors or the windows filled with sunshine. It’s more like an aura that imbues, not just the building, but those whose job it is to keep bright minds at peak performance through their abundant and diverse mediums. Libraries have always been a window on the world and the universe. Now they are even more so. Growing up, I never felt more content than in a library.

As Mike and I stepped out of the oppressive, late June heat and into the clean cool of the Demopolis Library, we were stunned — and by more than just the sun. We felt embraced by the entirety of it. From the long view of brightly spaced lamps and reading tables, our eyes were drawn up to a mezzanine edged…

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