SYTYCD: Didn’t Start with a Bang this Year; But Still Has a Glow

The top twenty opening routine to “Revolt” by Chris Scott was more of a fizzle than a sizzle. I didn’t watch it all the way through. That’s a big big difference from the year they did “Puttin’ on the Ritz”.

The next performance was a trio from Team Street featuring Megz, JJ, and Neptune, I don’t know how this Chris Scott routine would have fared with different dancers, but this one was a flop. Maybe next time for these dancers.

Then came the performance that took my breath away. It’s what I watch SYTYCD for. Choreographer Stacey Tookey is back and better than ever. (And looking good). From Team Stage, Gaby, Derek, and Moises flew and flowed about the stage, the music, and each other, until I felt I was drawn into a dream. Wonderful performance, I didn’t have big hopes for Moises as a strong team player, but he surprised me. The guys behind the grooming also did a good job on his hair. During the tryouts it looked like a really bad, massive comb-over. Thank Goodness somebody fixed it.

Choreographer Dave Scott got in the game with a Hip-Hop for Team Street performed by Lily, Jaja (pronounced yaya – had to look up the spelling), Asaf and B1. An excellent performance by each and every dancer, including Gorgeous George — I mean Asaf — the chronic whiner. He’s only beautiful as long as his mouth is shut, which isn’t often. I don’t have high hopes for his staying quality. However, little Jaja, is a standout no matter who she performs with. She’s a stick of dynamite with a beaming face and smile — even when she’s in stompin’ mode. How does she do that?

The next two dances were nearly killed by the costumes. The first too slutty, the next too effeminate — not to mention dorky — for young men.

In the first routine, Brian Friedman choreographed something that would have been right up there with a back alley bar. The Team Stage performers were Hailee, Marissa, and Alexia. I hope their families complained.

The second performance, ballet dancers Jim and Darion, also of Team Stage, were exquisite in their grace and strength in a routine by Benoit Swan Pouffer. But their costumes distracted me and never allowed me to fully appreciate the difficult moves they were performing. Pouffer is new to SYTYCD, and I’ve noticed that the new ones always try to overdo the difficulty, turning a dance routine into an endurance course. These types of routines are not popular with the populace, either.

An entertaining and upbeat routine by Pharside and Phoenix, pitched Virgil twixt Heaven and Hell, dancing for his soul rather than dancing for his life. The angel in white was Ariana, and the red devil was Yorelis. Let’s just say red leather stands out more than white, even though Ariana was beautiful. Virgil, with that happy face and personality, reminds me of Fik-shun Stegall on Season 10.

Any Travis Wall routine is usually one to remember, but, although this number by Team Stage performers Kate and Edson was beautiful, I just didn’t get it. And when chief judge Nigel Lythgoe doesn’t get it either, I think — gosh, I didn’t miss something after all. I’m looking forward to seeing Kate and Edson perform again soon.

The jazz routine for the Team Stage Top Ten by Warren Carlyle was eye-popping and brought out some great talent. All in white, these ten put a new face with the old top hat and wowed the audience.

But it was Team Street’s Top Ten and TabithER and Napoleon who brought down the house at the end. I almost creaked up out of my seat and shouted. Every hit, every beat, slammed it. The marriage of music, wardrobe, choreographers, and dancers was a marriage made in heaven. Wow. Wow. Wow. It was good  They saved the best for last. Hope you saw it. If not, stream it. But don’t miss it.

Catch ya next time.


5 thoughts on “SYTYCD: Didn’t Start with a Bang this Year; But Still Has a Glow

  1. The videos were great. I’ve recorded the show, but haven’t watched it yet. Now, thanks to you, I’ll know which perfomances to watch and which to skip. The first video was GORGEOUS !!! She’s a beautiful dancer and the two guys weren’t bad either.

      • I was quite impressed the with street group in the last video. I guess the judges chose the right people because they certainly handled the choreography beautifully. I hadn’t held out much hope for most of them to be any good. Again, the first video was GORGEOUS !!!

        ION, I just read this week that Misty Copeland has been made a principal with the American Ballet Company. It is the highest status in any ballet company. That has always been her dream and now she has achieved it. Good for her!

    • That’s OK. There was a lovely article about Misty’s promotion in Time magazine and also a couple of places on line so I read about it pretty quickly.


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