Barges and Tugboats Still Ply River at Demopolis Lock and Dam

Sunset Gypsies

DSCN7610 Photo by Linda Smith

Mike and I watched this tugboat ply its way to the barge in the next photo. I didn’t know anything about river traffic such as this before we went to Demopolis. In my mind river life was as much a part of America’s past as Mark Twain on the Mississippi. What a pleasant surprise for me, and how much Mike and I enjoyed watching this event.


The Demopolis Lock and Dam is one of five on the Tombigbee River and provides a 9-ft navigation channel.

File:USACE Demopolis Lock and Dam Tombigbee.jpg Photo from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

But before the lock and dam were built in 1985, boats had to go under the old Rooster Bridge. An extraordinary incident occurred in April 1979, in which the tug MV Cahaba got caught between rising waters and the bridge. See the full story and pictures at the end of this article.


This beautiful…

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