Demopolis, AL — New Orleans Steak and Seafood House

Sunset Gypsies


By the time Mike and I got set up at the Forkland COE RV Campground — Forkland, AL — it was late afternoon and we were beyond starved. So we headed into Demopolis looking for a bite to eat. Tell the truth, I could have devoured an ox. Raw. Thankfully we found a good restaurant and were spared the ox.

Mike checked with his new Android Smart Phone (can’t live without ’em now), and thought we might do a fish place. Couldn’t find it even with the smarty pants phone. But we did get a run down on a restaurant called New Orleans Steak and SeafoodHouse. We found that one and, though located in a large, open older building, it was clean and neat.

IMG_20150624_185030040_HDR My tired, hungry husband.

Hoping this wasn’t a disaster, we ordered from our waitress, Lisha — an on-the-ball gal with an outgoing personality. We…

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2 thoughts on “Demopolis, AL — New Orleans Steak and Seafood House

  1. I’ve dined at the New Orleans restaurant a few times. The seafood was delicious! The traditional beignets were a bit larger, and had a heavy sprinkling of powdered sugar. The local tradition is to blow powdered sugar on your dinner guest before the first bite, or at least that is what I was told. They may have been initiating the visitor to the city. All in all, it was a great dining experience.


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