Raising A Crop of Art in A Field of Hay and Tin in Forkland, AL

Sunset Gypsies

DSCN7591 Photo by Linda Smith

AS WE traveled south toward Demopolis, AL, on U.S. Hwy 43 — surprisingly known as the Demopolis Highway — we had to slow down and do a double-take. On the right for several hundred yards there stands a field growing crops of . . . characters, trains, planes, boats, and automobiles . . . made of scrap metal and bales of hay, and any rusted piece of junk that catches the artist’s vivid imagination.

Rollin’ on the River — of Hay

DSCN7593 Photo by Linda Smith

It’s Jim Bird’s Hay Bale Art and Tin Man display in Forkland, AL. Some of the sculptures look fairly new, others weathered to the point that Mike and I had to guess what the object was. That was fun, too.

According to “Rural Southwest Alabama”, Bird’s Farm began in 1993, the result of a hay baler that went haywire, spitting out…

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