Banks Lake Hosts Kentucky Boys, Blackwater Cypress, and “Gator”

Sunset Gypsies


There’s an unmistakable tranquility and beauty that surrounds Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge, a shallow, blackwater where little boys fish, and the boardwalk is framed by cypress trees draped in Spanish moss. At least it was quiet and tranquil up until Burt Reynolds did the movie “Gator” there in 1976. But the real gators have long gotten over being traumatized by movie makers and tranquility has settled back in as if Time were a passing fancy.

IMG_20150726_144100008Mike’s sister Frances and brother-in-law Jim of Valdosta, Georgia,  took us here as they played hosts and tour guides on our recent visit with them. (See Georgia on My Mind on Sunset Gypsies). 

We met a pleasant family from Kentucky while we were there — grandparents, and two grandsons who were bright-eyed, excited little fishermen. I was writing down names fast and missed the grandmother’s. But the Kentucky grandpa was Jerry and the two…

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