Georgia On My Mind at Rowell Home and Mama June’s

Sunset Gypsies


When we pulled up to Mike’s sister’s house in Valdosta, Georgia, we didn’t know she and Jim were rolling out the red carpet as well as their driveway for us. Mike got the RV backed in and we were on our way to what Mike says is termed “moochdocking”. How droll.

Sister Frances has always been the hostess with the mostest, as Jim was a military career man, and she had to learn the ropes of military etiquette. It didn’t hurt that she was a natural. Softly spoken, she spent several years as an RN, allowing her heart as well as her head to guide her in situations not covered in nursing school. Actually, she is still an RN. She updates her license every year, because, she says, you never know.

Jim still speaks forthrightly with that military clip that gets it said, but a sense of humor that keeps…

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