Pilgrimage from Georgia to Vietnam Wall: “A Bouquet of Flowers” by Harold Wade

hlw 7

POEM BY HAROLD LEE WADE: —  Harold’s heart was full as he and Trudy made their way to the memorial. He couldn’t say what he felt in prose, so he wrote this poem. He knew that but for the grace of God, his own name could be etched in the stone. Harold survived three more years after making his pilgrimage to honor his fallen brothers.


Information about “ A Wall Bouquet” by Trudy Wade

This poem was written by the late Harold Lee Wade, after visiting the Vietnam Memorial Wall, in Washington, D. C., October, 1994. We actually took the flowers from here (Alto, GA) to Washington, D. C. in a water/cooler. We kept them in the hotel room until the day we visited.

Harold’s mama is Elizabeth Armour Wade Couch. His sisters are Christine Wade Grier Wilkes and Linda Wade Hughes Warwick.

The three young, great nieces are Rachel Norton, and Lauren and Lindsey Guest. The hair bows were returned to the great nieces, and their Moms put them in their baby books. The picture of the three little girls are the great nieces at that time—L-R: Rachel Norton Brooks, Lauren Guest Turpin; and Lindsey Guest.

hlw 8

Rachel and Lauren are now married. Rachel has two children. Lindsey is a dental technician, and Lauren is in her second year of college

The flowers and two American flags were left at the Wall. We brought the other American Flag and Georgia Flag home with us.



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