Tet Offensive Medic Shares Stories: Introducing U.S. Army Veteran Terrence Plank

Terrence vietnam

Terrance Plank, Tet Offensive medic

This is to introduce U.S. Army Vietnam veteran, Terrence Plank, who was a medic during the Tet Offensive. I’m in the process of downloading his stories that he shared with his son, a U.S. Marine who served in Iraq. Now Terrence Plank is sharing his experiences with us. I enjoyed veteran Plank’s introduction and look forward to the upcoming stories.

Just so you know — I looked this up — the medic is a highly skilled professional on the battlefield. The following is an excerpt from “Military Medic”.

Here’s a part, but not all, of what an applicant will face:

60 multiple-choice questions in general military and medical knowledge, preventive medicine, and map reading. A score of 75% or higher is required.

Land Navigation in both day and night

Twelve-Mile Forced Road March must be completed within three hours of starting it and the medic applicant must carry a standard load of fighting gear.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Tasks

Medical and Casualty Evacuation Tasks

Warrior Skills Tasks

Five Communications Tasks

It’s possible for an Army medic to earn both the Expert Field Medical Badge and the Combat Medical Badge. The two badges cannot both be worn at the same time, however, according to Army regulations, with the Combat Medical Badge taking precedence over the EFMB. ——-

The Combat Medical Badge requires the medic to have been on the field and under fire with his unit.

Since I am also publishing the stories of other veterans, I will do them alternately. I love our vets. They are my heroes, and I know they are yours. It is my privilege to help make these brave men known and remembered —

Sincerely, Linda Smith, The Village Smith.


A buddy I served with in Vietnam posted your link on Facebook and I read where you are accepting stories from us vets. (Unfortunately, the link took him to my husband’s site instead of mine, but I got it anyway — Linda).

I was a medic with the 3rd Battalion, 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division in 1967 and 68 in South Vietnam. We survived the Tet Offensive of 1968 which was considered the turning point of the Vietnam War. Unfortunately it wasn’t turning in the United States’ favor.

I wrote many stories that I sent to my son who served with the MarineCorps in Iraq. These same stories were submitted and accepted at the Library of Congress through the Veterans History Project.

My experiences as a platoon and reconnaissance team medic will always be with me. Combat was terrifying but you always put your buddies ahead of yourself and that’s what the guys did. —-

We look forward to your stories, Terrence. And thank you for your service to your country.


2 thoughts on “Tet Offensive Medic Shares Stories: Introducing U.S. Army Veteran Terrence Plank

  1. Linda,
    I am so happy that you are doing this for all of our veterans, especially the Vietnam veterans who were so unappreciated on their return home. I would love to see you write about gathering of the Vietnam veterans today that I hope is a healing event for them. I know that just being with another who has walked the road that you have can be healing. So many of these men still suffer the pain from their memories that were not allowed so many years ago. Blessings on you my sister.


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