Merry Christmas to all from our Christmas Past


Me at nearly 40. I thought I was old. Wish I was 40 again. And wiser.


Many years later. From your left is my Golden Girl sister, Katie, or at least the back of her head; then my daughter Michelle, then her ex-husband Dickie who spends the holidays with us; my precious mother, may she rest in peace, and my first beautiful granddaughter, Kayla.


My precious youngest granddaughter, Montana, born 2001. this was her first Christmas. She is now a peppy teenager. Ugh.


There’s a big gray Persian cat named “Bogey” in here somewhere.


Me at some point in the past before I colored my hair.

Picture 1082

Got this idea off the internet. These are colorful washcloths in a flower pot with green tissue paper and a red bow. Very Christmasy and quite a hit. And best of all, no trouble.

Picture 1137

Our Banshee, aka “Puss”. He tolerated Christmas.


My beautiful Pumpkin, Montana Smith. She was the baby under the Christmas tree.


And this is me from Christmas past. That’s why I’m done in this Christmas present. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all from our Christmas Past

  1. Love the photos. Haven’t seen you around much lately. I hope you, Mike and assorted family members had a wonderful Christmas.

    I posted this in my Live Journal Christmas greeting and will post it for you as well. It’s my favorite Christmas song performed by one of the world’s best choirs.

    I’m looking forward to another year of your friendship.

    • Jo Ann, my lovely friend, it is so good to hear from you. And thank you for the sweet Christmas card. Your handwriting is still the best I’ve ever seen. I have had all kinds of health difficulties, and personal ones, too. I don’t have much energy or drive anymore and affects, not my writing, but my will to do it. My vision is less than stellar, making it difficult to see the screen. On a personal level, our family has been rocked by the news that my sister Gaynell has stage four cancer of the liver. She is the sibling next to me in age. There are five of us. Of us all, Gaynell has been the most robust and healthy. She is being treated at the Cancer Center of America near Atlanta. The difficulty is, they can’t find the source, so they are having to do a generalized treatment. I think it has all of us under a cloud. I have so much I want to write about, and hope to get back on track soon. This is a great Christmas gift justvto hear from you and share your music. Love you, dear friend. And Merry Christmas.

      • Oh my, what sad news about your sister. I hope her doctors can pinpoint the source and medicate her accordingly. I’m sorry to learn that you’ve had health difficulties as well. Getting old sure isn’t for wimps, is it? Thanks for the comment about my handwriting. Frank says he figures I’m OK as long as my handwriting is still legible. 😉

        However, I have always enjoyed excellent health and my mother used to say I’d probably collapse in a heap all at once like Oliver Wendell Holmes’ “One Hoss Shay.” She may have been correct. In the past two years I’ve been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, degenerative disc disease, quite bad arthritis, early onset emphysema and most recently, severe sleep apnea. I now sleep with a CPAP machine and it’s made a huge improvement in how I feel. I hadn’t realized how poorly I was sleeping and how little restful sleep I was getting. Now I’m like a child who can’t go to sleep without a favorite stuffed animal. I love my CPAP machine. It’s so nice to no longer wake up feeling groggy and falling asleep every time I try to read or watch TV. I’m probably going to need cataract surgery sometime next year, which everyone who’s had it tells me is a piece of cake, so I’m not worried about it.

        How’s Mike? Frank has his share of aches and pains, but the only malady with a name is peripheral neuropathy in his legs and feet. I’m really wondering how much longer we can stay on this property. It’s getting to be way more than we can cope with.

        Oh well, we just keep on truckin’ and hope you and Mike will do the same. I hope 2016 will be a much healthier year for all of us. Give Dickens a pet for me.

      • Mike is like me. He just needs some real R&R and a replenishing of get up and go. Glad y’all are keeping on keeping on. My problem is probably cataracts. Mom had peripheral neuropathy. It’s not pleasant. But she did take meds for it. Yes, we hope there will be some kind of breakthrough for Gaynell. She and Jimmy did come by briefly today.

      • It’s interesting that your mother took meds of her peripheral neuropathy. Frank’s neurologist says there is nothing to be done for it. The nerves are damaged (from a fall on ice in 2005) and don’t regenerate.

        As the saying goes, our get up and go got up and went. Maybe we should try drinking Red Bull to get it back.


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