Fantasia Pounds Sasser Duet into Bloody Pulp

Did Fantasia drive the nail into the coffin of Jordan Sasser’s dreams of stardom? That performance in this week’s American Idol was not a duet, it was a duel. She pounded that poor boy with everything she had, which with that voice was like using a sledgehammer to kill an ant. She mopped up the floor with him. What happened to the kind and generous beginning behind the scenes? The camaraderie?

To begin with, this was a match made in hell not heaven. Jordan Sasser has a good voice. A special voice. You could hear it when he was allowed a few moments to showcase his talent alone. But it was never meant to vie with a powerhouse like Fantasia. The real duet between her and LaPorsha was awesome and finally brought out in LaPorsha what I had failed to hear before. Real emotion, not just power and runs. It gave me chills and I was yelling and clapping. And I thought both ladies were beautiful.

What was Fantasia’s motive in killing this kid? Was it BECAUSE they were both from the same state and she wanted to let her fans know there would be NO competition for her singing supremacy? Off with his head, she is queen. Or was it because he upstaged her at the beginning and she felt challenged? Did he mean to do it? I don’t know. We don’t have enough information to judge intent from either him or her.

At one point she let run after run go on and on like a tsunami washing over the young man, and he smilingly conceded her unprecedented gift by just saying, “Okay”.

Then the judges. There was high praise for Fantasia, and all of them, especially Harry, putting down the boy for trying to keep up with her. (???). You could barely hear him when they sang together, even when he was giving it all he had.

The judges also said that he wasn’t consistent. How could he be when he could never really find his place. He was in a bloody duel fighting for his life.

No wonder American Idol started down the path of no return after Simon Cowell left. Harry was a hopeful that struck out, memeing the same old tired words and phrases that go on year after Idol year. There is no one left to tell the truth that’s staring them in the face. Truth, my friends, takes courage on television, and that’s why Simon was revered and why his opinion meant more than any of the others.

JUDGES! This “duel” not duet, should have been brought out in your comments. Ask if he upstaged on purpose. Ask Fantasia if she clobbered him on purpose. Have the guts to speak up for God’s sake. When you don’t, your respect quotient goes in the toilet. Be original sometime. Go out with some grit in your grout. Speak the  TRUTH, not the same old time-worn words that no longer have any power.

And I hated to see Jordan Sasser go.










15 thoughts on “Fantasia Pounds Sasser Duet into Bloody Pulp

  1. I agree with everything you said. I think the duet idea was a waste of time. I can’t believe they let Stephany go and kept Jeneve. A travesty. I would definitely have chucked MacKenzie and Thomas Stringfellow and kept James VIII (his duet with Caleb was awesome.) I don’t know why they kept Avalon either, but thankfully Sonika is still there. The judges’ choices boggle my mind.

    I am soooo not going to miss Idol when it’s over. Thank goodness for The Voice with it’s REAL talent and REAL constructive judging.

    • So good to hear from you. I’m doing almost all my “correspondence” on my smart phone now. It’s convenient and I can see it. Only trouble was, i couldn’t find the “reply” button. I so love getting your take on these shows. I love batting around our views and it helps me get a much better perspective. I read every comment you make. I’m still not up to par, so my posts are slow. Between sinuses and diabetes I’m having a tough time. I’ve got lots of things to write about but can’t get them from here to there very often.

      • I love discussing TV shows and movies with you, too. I have a friend in the UK with whom I discuss their The Voice, The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. All shows are more fun when we share our thoughts.

        Do take care of yourself. My health problems are impacting my enjoyment of life, too, so I sympathize.

        I don’t see how you can enjoy using your phone to write. The keys are so tiny, but I know several people who use them for their journals and correspondence.

      • Oh, OK. I’m using a 14 point font now when I do emails and journal comments because so many phones default to 10 point and it makes incoming emails to difficult to read. I change them to 14 point before I try to read them.

        BTW, are you planning an entry on Idol after tomorrow’s show? I thought tonight was blah for the most part. I made notes, but I’ll save my comments for your entry.

      • Well, just in case you don’t write about tonight’s show, here are my notes. I haven’t checked the name spellings, but I think you’ll know who I mean.

        I think Jenn Blosil is God awful. I don’t know what the judges see in her excessively scratchy voice. I find it very unpleasant to listen to. Thank goodness Harry called her out for being out of tune, and some others, too. He’s really the tell-it-as-it-is Simon Cowell of this judging panel. The others are much too complimentary all the time.

        Keith seems to know the lyrics to all the songs and not just the country songs. You can see him mouthing the words a lot of the time.

        The redhead who was on the show when Adam was is singing in the backup group again this season. I can’t think of her name at the moment.

        Most of the songs were completely unfamiliar to me and most were very poor choices.

        I liked Tristan MacIntosh, Shelby Z, Olivia Cox and Dalton Rapatoni and his gorgeous blue eyes. The judges liked him a lot, too. Tomorrow we get the rest of the duets and the elimination that will whittle the group down to ten. I hope the judges make good decisions.

  2. OK, I guess you mean this Adam. I liked him, too, but not the song. It was blah.

    I wish he would have played that instrument he showed at the beginning.

    Have you ever seen the following video? I have two DVD of Animusic’s creations. They are all mesmerizing and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this one. How they so meticulously combined the music with the graphics boggles my mind. I posted this video a while ago in my Live Journal. It creeped out several readers because they said it looked like a giant insect. Yeah, it does. LOL Full screen for the full effect.


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