Outside in the Storm – by Linda M. Smith

Touches my face
With cool fingers,
Soothing fevered flesh.

Beats upon my head
A sharp tattoo,
Soothing fevered thoughts.

Seeps into my soul
An untamed message,
Soothing fevered form.

Takes me by the hand
And leads me,
Soothing fevered fears.

Whispers to me,
And I hide in the raging storm,
Soothing fevered life.

Christmas07 149

NOTE: I would greatly appreciate comments on what this poem means to you. It will help me in my growth as a writer and a poet.


11 thoughts on “Outside in the Storm – by Linda M. Smith

  1. Well, I can’t speak about being outside in the rain, but I do love the sound of rain on our porch roof. I sit out there doing nothing except listening in warm weather. When I was a child, my mother and step-dad had a big mobile home with an addition built onto it. I loved to lie in bed and listen to the rain on the trailer roof. There’s just something so relaxing about rain. And, being a gardener, I love rain.

    Your poem is lovely. ALL your writing is so good.

  2. Apparently you aren’t going to write about Idol last week, so here are my notes from night two:

    Harry looks like he’s wearing an old underwear T-shirt. It’s very frayed around the neck.

    Duets I liked: Kellie and Amelia, Kory and Haley, Chris and Lee. I like Lee Jean a lot.

    I thought Jordin and Manny were mismatched in that she overpowered him all the time, but the judges thought it was a great match. Hmm…

    I can’t stand Jenn, but I loved Constantine. Another mismatch, IMO. I agree with Henry that Jenn acted like it was shouting match.

    I liked Kellie and Tristan a lot and thought Tristan was better than Kelly. I didn’t understand the judges’ negativity about Tristan.

    David and Olivia were good. She’s a dead ringer for the actress Dakota Fanning.

    Haley and Adam — her improvisations were totally over the top and I felt sorry for Adam. He didn’t know what to do with himself while Haley was running up and down the scale.

    Dalton and Chris were VERY good. I like Dalton a lot.

    Trent and Jordin — He has a good voice, but I find his facial expressions too distracting. He looks like he’s pain a lot of the time.

    Shelbie and Constatine was my favorite duet of the night. I totally disagree with the judges about Shelbie.

    Saved: Lee (good), Olivia (good), Jenn (boo!), Dalton (good), Manny (meh), Tristan (yay!), Trent (meh)

    Wish they’d saved Amelia and Shelbie instead of Manny and Trent.

    The public starts voting this week.

    • Sorry I didn’t make it to do Idol. Mike decided on a trip. He’s still working a lot and he decided to take a break. I had already written the poem a while back so posted it without any effort. I agree with most you said. Ditto for Jenn. These girls with big voices need to learn to control them. If they could concentrate on what the song says and use their voice to convey it. Those older singers who came back had learned a lot. They were astounding. I didn’t like last night. Boring. I like Manny, and the girl with the curly blonde hair, but didnt like his song and she kooked like a pure old idiot, not to mention the True Colors was almost unrecognizable and the words were lost in all her artistic crap. Besides having sinus problems due to weather, I could have done without last night. Keep your opinions coming. I’ll talk whether I post or not. I enjoy.

      • Idol’s second night was very good, IMO, and I loved Kelly Clarkson as a judge. She was really awesome. I liked her performance a lot, too.\

        Thankfully, the public did the right thing and Jenn and Jeneve are gone. I agreed with the others that viewers voted off the show. I’m so glad Olivia, Tristan, Dalton, Sonika, Lee and Gianna (sp?) made it through. I think the shows will be much more interesting from now on. The contestants have been given some truly helpful advice and seem to have taken it to heart. They’re getting better.

        The Voice will be back this Monday on NBC. I wish I could convince you to watch that show. It’s sooooo much better than Idol.

      • Sorry, Jo Ann. I just cannot get interested enough to do a write-up of American Idol. I’m watching it, but it’s lost it’s pizzaz for me. That said, i really enjoyed Avalon’s performance last night, and Sonika’s. I think they got it right and kept the best, though some still have a ways to go.

      • I don’t blame you. The show certainly isn’t what it used to be.

        I’m not a fan of Avalon. I think they should have kept Gianna Isabella instead of Avalon. I did agree with them sending Olivia Rox home though.

        I see the coaches FINALLY talked to Trent about the awful faces he makes.

        LaPorsha is going to be hard to beat. Several of the men have a shot at the prize.

        Did you see Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “Piece by Piece” that had Keith in tears? I thought she was a terrific judge.

        I hope you’re feeling better by now.

      • Yes. Feeling better. I was never a fan of Kelly Clarkson till she sang that song. My gosh how awesome!! That performance will be played over and over again. I like the little girl from India. Can’t think of her name right now. La Porsha has an awesome voice, but she doesn’t sing what would be popular on radio. I’m just not a fan. Also all this time I thought she was wearing some crazy styrofoam wig. I couldn’t believe that hair and that it was on purpose.

      • That song Kelly Clarkson did — she did a recording without breaking up — shot to #1 on iTunes in 24 hours. Guess we weren’t the only ones who liked it.

        You’re absolutely correct about LaPorsha not being timely. I doubt that she’ll win just for that reason, but you never know. I think her hair is a bit over the top, too. I’m still not convinced that isn’t a wig, and the black one, too, that she had this week. I can’t imagine that she’d let them dye her hair.

        By “little girl from India” I assume you’re referring to Sonika Vaid. I love her and think she’s definitely a contender for the win. She has a wonderful voice.


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