I am a former reporter with newspapers in Georgia and South Carolina, with asides in stringer stories for the Macon Telegraph and, very briefly, the Birmingham News. Among the myriad hats I wore, which included photography and layout, I wrote hard news, feature articles, and book and movie reviews. I also wrote a personal column (for which I won a Georgia Press Association Award) and an advice column (for which I did not). A later column entitled “The Village Smith” began in Charleston, SC, and filtered back again to Georgia. (The background of  The Village Smith)

At some point during my media years in Georgia, I was wrangled into hosting a local, brief TV show called “12 At Home”. Twelve was the channel number. On the show, I did interviews with interesting locals. Now, I had absolutely NO experience in television, so I had to wing it. I’ve had to wing so many jobs in my lifetime I  could swear I’ve felt feathers tickle. Afterward, I became a caregiver, and during those years the title “The Village Smith” also served as  the name of a website on which I continued writing reviews, and personal events, and thoughts.  And now . . . heeeere we go again. I just can’t shut up. (Autobiography)

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    • Thank you. Good to hear from you. I thought I would hear from other caregivers through this post, but haven’t got any yet. My mother died in 2011. I had been a full time caregiver for 16 years. For the first four years for both mom and dad. When my mother died I essentially collapsed mentally and physically till my husband talked me into writing again through this blog. You might be interested in reading this that I wrote a year after my mom’s death. [Grief’s First Anniversary and Emily Dickenson]. Okay, I tried to get it to highlight so you could go right to it, but didn’t work. Just type it in in the search window. I guess PT stands for physical therapy? Hope to hear your thoughts on caregiving.

  1. Linda,

    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award for obvious reasons, or for reasons that are obvious to anyone who partakes of your consistently insightful and intelligent writing. If only all decisions were this easy. Congratulations.



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