About Linda McDaniel Smith

What I've been: a telephone operator (back in the day), a waitress, an RV workcamper; an office worker, a substitute teacher, a family history researcher, a newspaper reporter, host of a brief local television show, a newspaper stringer, a librarian whose hats included Georgia History and family history, workshops on family history researching, a caregiver, and a Sunday school teacher. What I want to be when I grow up: a gypsy. I like - puzzles: cryptograms, crosswords, jigsaws; to find ancient ancestors (they don't borrow money or make trouble); to read anything that's well-written and fit to read - favorite genres: fantasy, mystery, seafaring or historical adventure, classic, and poetry; movies, all kinds, but they've got to have a plot, some decent acting, and no gratuitous filth - I love musicals, and I find black and white movies soothing for some reason; music, all kinds, but with words fit to listen to; fun friends and clean fun; my husband; some of my relatives; laughter, lobster, and chocolate, though not necessarily in that order or on the same menu. I do NOT like - Harlequin-type romances in print or film; bathroom humor in print, film, or mouth; gratuitous anything in print or film; people who talk during movies; telephones, cooking. Other than that, I guess I'm fairly pleasant to be around.

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