Beautiful, Inspiring Voice: Franciscan Monk John Michael Talbot

Singer/songwriter and Franciscan monk, John Michael Talbot

Born into a Methodist family in 1954 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, John Michael Talbot later quit school to join a folk-rock band with his brother Terry and embarked on singing and songwriting. A seeker after God from an early age, his journey led him down many paths until he read the life of St. Francis of Assisi. He joined the Roman Catholic Church and began studying at a Secular Franciscan order in Indianapolis, Indiana.

From founding a house of prayer called “The Little Portion”, Talbot founded the monastic community of “The Brothers and Sisters of Charity” in 1980 on land he had bought while making records. It is the first Vatican sanctioned self-supported indigenous religious community in the United States. (Wikipedia)

Quoting from his homepage:

John Michael Talbot is a Grammy Award winning pioneer of what is known as “Contemporary Christian Music” and Catholic music’s “most popular” artist with multi-platinum sales. Countless Christians of all denominations consider John Michael Talbot’s sacred music as the “soundtrack of their spiritual journey”.

Mike and I discovered John Michael Talbot when his beard and hair were still black and have loved him ever since. His indescribably melodic voice and music touches a chord deep within the listener and the music of the heart flows with his. Picture of John Michael TalbotThat feeling climbs through you with such power, that it feels like you can touch the face of the Father with your fingertips. Talbot sings the Word of God, from the Psalms and other passages, until you see it and hear it in a majesty you never experienced before.

The depth of John Michael Talbot’s love and faith pours through his voice, his fingertips on the strings of the guitar, and in the construction of his words. Listening to him sing never fails to move me, both to tears of joy and gratitude toward Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, and to expressions of praise. I hope you will be inspired by him, too, to seek God in His Word.

The album I bought was “Meditations in the Spirit” by John Michael Talbot. If you enjoy his singing, I highly recommend it. It’s the one that includes “Fan into Flame”, and the “Apostolic Charge”. I love the words from this first song, “Veni Sancte Spiritus”, which says, “Bend our stubborn heart and will. Melt the frozen, warm the chill.”