The Last American Idol – is Looking Good

The top 24 American Idol contestants have been selected. They are the last. If the network keeps its promise to cut the show. But irony of ironies, all but two of this historic final year’s pick, are looking good. These are not just young girls who have range and high-pitched voices, but no depth and no soul. These are singers. And I’m looking forward to hearing them.

I like the different looks and personalities. Except. Except.

The Cowboy Girl you can barely see beneath all the cowboy garb is sweet. She looks like everybody’s kid sister. She is 15 year old Jeneve Rose Mitchell and a ten gallon hat for a half pint girl with a pigtail is a bit much, and she pushes the mountain schtick more than a little overboard. But, hey. She’s a kid. She’s a kid who needs some experience before a show like this, both in singing and in showmanship.

I hate it, but the judges have done her wrong with this stuff they do every year which has contributed to doing the show in. Putting someone through as a talk piece with a little gimmick. The girl is undoubtedly talented. but there were two, a guy and a Kosovo girl, who desperately needed to be in that top 24. For either one of them to be preempted by a little girl with an okay voice and a western theme — oh, well. We’ll see how she does, won’t we?

Except. Except. Not a single other blogger agrees with me on this, but my sister does. My husband does. And that’s good enough for me. So here goes. Boo me if you will.

La’Porsha Ranae, age 22, McComb, MS. The bazaar hair, like the ten gallon hat, is a bit distracting  But I must say, she’s got the pipes. She’s got the screaming jazzerizing going on. But there’s something missing. I’ve heard Aretha Franklin. And that woman ain’t missin’ nothin’. La’ Porsha has a sad story of some rough years and a child to support. I respect that. She’s had a taste of life. But, last night she didn’t show that nice smile, or the personality she obviously must have. So I was a little distanced. She’s got the sound. I just didn’t hear the soul. She may have been nervous. Like I said, I’m a voice crying in the wilderness here. Everybody goes gaga over her but me. Maybe that will change with time. But the girl from Kosovo that she beat out last night had it all right then and there. It made me sick at heart to see her go.

Lindita Halimi — the girl from Kosovo — lost 150 pounds just to audition on Idol. She sacrificed to get where she was. And that sacrifice paid off. She was gorgeous. She looked fantastic on that stage. And her voice was soulful, powerful, beautiful. She had personality by the truck load. But she lost out. Somebody give that girl a contract. She more than deserves it. And I’ll buy an album.

Except. Except.

Kayce Haynes should not have been left to the last minute. Both he and Jordan Sasser sounded great. There were two spots I know he and Lindita could have filled.

The most boring part of last night’s show was the yadda yadda yadda from the judges. If they could come up with something different or original to say, and stop with the campy, goofy hang tens which they serve up as drama while torturing the hopefuls, it could be good. But it was the same old stuff.

As I said, this looks like a year I might actually stay awake. With varying degrees in talent and sound between contestants, of course, some could use a little tutoring, but nothing bad enough to complain about. Mostly I have high hopes.

Next week you can vote your heart out for Top 24 contestants American Idol Number 15, who are : Stephany Negrete, Shelbie Z, Mackenzie Bourg, Trent Harmon, Jenna Renae, James VIII, Kory Wheeler, Adam Lasher, Jeneve Rose Mitchell, C. J. Johnson, Amelia Eisenhauer, Lee Jean, Avalon Young, Dalton Rapattoni, Manny Torres, Thomas Stringfellow, Sonika Vaid, Olivia Rox, Emily Brooke, Gianna Isabella, Jenn Blosil, Tristan McIntosh, Jordan Sasser and La’Porsha Renae.