American Idol: For God’s Sake J-Lo! COVER UP!

Yes. The past few weeks of American Idol have been pretty boring. Boring enough that I couldn’t get up enough interest to even write about it. But if the producers think bringing Jennifer Lopez out nearly bare breasted in front of an audience mixed with children and youth is the way to make it exciting, they need to think again. This is supposed to be a family show about a singing contest. And some of the singers are pretty young themselves.

What lacks excitement this season is the singers, not the celebrity panel.  I, for one, do not want a practically naked judge stuck front and center in the camera lens for young girls to emulate.

Then to add insult to injury, is it part of the entertainment for Harry Connick, Jr. to be fawning over Jennifer? I really like Harry. But, hey! Isn’t he MARRIED? I don’t like it.

Now let’s look at the other end of that judge’s table to Keith Urban. He’s nice to Jennifer and goes along with the fun. He’s got a great personality. But he acts like a married man. His wife is Nicole Kidman and he let’s no opportunity go by to make sure everyone knows it. Is that why Jennifer seemed to pay more attention to him last night? He’s not the one who slobbers over her.

Yes. Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and personable. All three judges are fun to watch. But as time goes by Jennifer is becoming less and less what I would want my granddaughter, or any young girl, to follow. She comes out in clothing that is so short she has to pull down the edges constantly. And her hips and legs are by no means small. Now her neckline is down almost to her navel. If she wore both these styles at the same time, she would essentially be wearing a belt.

As for the singers — they can sing — mostly. But where’s the personality? Where’s the fire? Some of the singers try to fake the fire, the emotion. It doesn’t work. You either feel it while you sing it or you don’t. One singer did a great job of singing and performing last night, but even during a great rocker scream, his face barely moved. How is that possible?

Jax is still my favorite, and did a great job last night. But where is she going and with what style? Some of the contestants showed a few fireworks, but they were just about too little too late. Some should never have been picked for the show in the first place.

But it was hard to concentrate on what the singers were doing because of J-Lo grabbing the spotlight. I kept wanting to call the network and say, “For God’s sake, J-Lo, COVER UP!

Yes. I was highly offended by last night’s show. If you were, too, make it known. Make the network quit passing off something so inappropriate as part of a family show.