I’m Not Dead Yet, and Not Quite in Mark Twain’s Dilemma

Dear Folks,

Sorry about no posts lately. I’ve been trying to work on some stories, especially Terrence Plank’s, our Vietnam corpsman vet, but my head won’t cooperate. I’ve had a long enduring sinus infection, and a round of antibiotics.

On top of all that I’m having eye problems. Often the screen is blurred and I have turned to Facebook on my Smart Phone because I can hold it close enough to see. That’s a little too convenient, but even staying on it in spits and spurts causes eye strain and . . . you guessed it . . . gives me a headache. But right now it’s the only outlet I’ve got. I also have type 2 diabetes, which doesn’t help the eye problem. I have an appointment on November 4th to get my eyes checked. It’s way past time for that, anyway.

Miss you guys in my reading audience and I have so much to write about. I’ve just got to get my inner spirit into the outer world. Just hang in here with me, if you will. I know this is short and whatever, but it’s all I can deal with right now. And it has taken much longer than it should to get even this together. But I wanted y’all to know I haven’t forgotten you and your faithfulness in sticking with me.

Thank you,

Your friend, Linda, the old Village Smith